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Competition Showcase

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Explanation of processes:
Storywalks are text based interactive tales which the user accesses through their smart phone, the stories are written by myself around specific locations in the west country. With progressive use of the GPS inside the smart phone I have designed trails which reveal the text as you journey. The text and images are not viewable anywhere but my specified locations. This enables me to create stories which immerse the family inside a tale around a village or in a wood. The player is also specified to work without network connection (after initial download) enabling the stories to be located in hidden valleys and secret locations on Exmoor and west Somerset.

Explanation of criteria:
My digital storywalks are a fusion of tale and trail and use new technologies in an innovative manner. The player (and builder) has been specifically designed with Somerset and Exmoor in mind as there are many locations which are off the data grid, and expect to remain so for many years to come. The player is also unusual in that it works across different mobile platforms through the smart phones browser. My work is unusual in that I use unconventional locations as venues and weave art and stories in a fresh way. This entices families to experience my art 'in the field' and view known Somerset destinations in a new light.

Explanation of connection:
I have lived in West Somerset and worked in the arts for 20 years.