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Competition Showcase

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Organisation: Gap Year

Explanation of processes:
Even though most of these images began before i picked up my camera, in makeup, costume, sourcing location etc, i used a nikon d90 to capture them, and Photoshop in post production, before printing them which I always try to do.

Explanation of criteria:
Even though my photography is in many ways very personal, mostly perhaps in its vision and method, it has always been collaborative; using models and fashion and props and locations to create something of beauty or narrative. Using my sisters on a countless shoots means there are often few boundaries we cannot cross to create something exciting. These images hopefully show both a process that involves a lot of collaboration of elements, people, pre and post production, whilst others derive from a more spontaneous origin.

Explanation of connection:
I was lucky enough to win first prize for my category last year, and to be involved in this upcoming festival, living locally these competitions are a really good way of showcasing my work to rare audiences.