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And the Winners Are .... 2012 Competition Winners


Short fiction film under (8 minutes): 

Jazzball: An Urban Odyssey - view film










By Ian Jones and Adam Evans (award presented by Catriona Hunter, Arts Council England)

Judges' Comments: "Technically highly polished and pretty convincing mockumentary. I could easily see J-Ball as an official Olympic event! Scores pretty high under 'fiction' which is a bit of a give-away. Maybe the real test would have been to enter it under 'documentary'!" Mario Cavalli


The Icon Films Factual Short Award (8 minutes): 

Horse tales - view film

By Nick Wilcox-Brown (Award presented by Dominic Weston of Icon Films)

Judges Comments: "A charming, beautifully made film. I agree with the filmmaker that the authenticity of the voices in the film bring an extra dimension to the narrative." Laura Marshall, Icon Films

Under 12s catagory

Earth, Fire & Water (collaboration) - view film

By Harry T (Award presented by Dominic Weston of Icon Films)

Judges comments: "What a lovely woman Elizabeth Raeburn comes across as. Good interview and structure to the film." Laura Marsall, Icon Films

Short Animation Under 8 Minutes

The Right Time - view film










By Hamish Steele (Award presented by Merlin Crossingham, Aardman Animations).

Judges' Comments: "A lovely short film, strong character design, with spot on timing."  Merlin Crossingham, Creative Director Aardman Animations


Under 12 Category:

The Legend of The Lantern - view film

By Meare School Filmmaking Club

Judges' Comments: "Shadow puppets have a long and fine tradition, in the Far East as well as in the celebrated work of Lotte Reiniger and it's great to see primary school children embrace the form with such enthusiasm."  Mario Cavalli


Three stills of Digital Photography/Art:

Overall winner: Storywalks

By Christopher Jelley (Award presented by Angela Williams).

Judges' Comments: " Christopher's entry stood out with regard to his inventive ideas applied to an immediate accessible technology that involves and encourages people to explore and look and share and enjoy - a great motivation - and looks like the tip of the iceberg in terms of encouraging everyone to get out there and enjoy what is there is at our fingertips - doesn't Hockney play with I-pad brushes as well - but all this new technology has no bounds - no boundaries - just great to be reminded how marvellous it is to make a mark on paper and have fun. I look forward to seeing this work in action ."  Angela Williams

Digital Photography/Art Category Winners:

Documentary photography category: 'India' - Samuel Poore

Judges' comments: I loved these three shots - great opportunities ahead for you to continue this 'documentary' tradition - capturing seemingly unimportant moments - giving us time to reflect on different lives.  Angela Williams


Fine art category winner: Storywalks- Christopher Jelley

Portrait photography category winner: Chloe Massey

Judges Comments: " These unpretentious 'transparent' portraits have great depth - deceptively simple - from an unmistakable collaboration of trust - reminiscent of the images of Nicolas Nixon taken over many decades - or Lategan's 'Twiggy' The middle image - also invites you ( the viewer ) to read all sorts of narrative in to the moment - Which makes us remember there are three of 'us' involved in 'seeing' these portraits. - so - lucky you - keep recording the magic."  Angela Williams

Landscape photography winner: Nick Wilcox-Brown

Judges' Comments: " Superlative quality - I would love to be able to achieve this level of perfection - I particularly like the whimsical cloud "  Angela Williams

Fashion photography winner: Rosa Goodchild

Judges' Comments: "Rosa's work I found very contemporary - typical of the shots for the fashion pages of young people - refreshing and self assured - certainly encourage you to continue to take photographs - especially as you are 'capturing the moment' - I always imagine one can 'read' the mind set of the sitter with a portrait - so these images are portraits of young people 'posing' fashion - I look forward to seeing how your work develops - maybe expanding the narrative - working up the idea of story lines in the shoot."  Angela Williams