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2012 @ Shepton Digi Fest Digital Art Exhibtions


Shepton Digi Arts 2013 Announcement.

Cost: (suggested cost) £2.50, book online

Battle Of The Eyes

Battle Of The Eyes are Edwin Pouncey (aka Savage Pencil) and artist Chris Long, they are joined by award-winning filmmaker Mario Cavalli for this 'The Noise of Our Art' exhibition @ No.50 High Street.   Also see our main programme for Battle Of The Eyes live action painting with improvised music by Cate Ferris.

Day Bowman's exhibition of Giant Poster Art commissioned by B-Side Festival as part of the Cultural Olympiad. As the artist explains: ‘I have set out to explore the landscapes of Britain that are passed through, ignored or deleted from our collective memory.  The title to this body of work is Weymouth/Portland 2012 but these are universal landscapes that can be found in any country, the ‘edgelands’ that fringe urbanity or coastland development.  For me, these images put me in mind of fleeting glimpses seen from a car or train window or departing ferry.  They represent the landscape of arrival and departure.’  

Dominic Greensmith  is a photographer and member of the band Reef.  As he explains 'Alot of these pictures were taken while on tour in various different countries. I would find a bike, or just use my legs, take to the streets with my camera and get away on my own for a bit. 


Rosetta Whitehead – Studied Photography at Leeds College of Art and Design. Her work is defined by a dreamy ethereal aesthetic; this is created in the camera, employing long exposures. Captivated by the medium of holography, Zetta plays with three dimensions, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the surrealists.



Los Mutartis –  After getting into graffiti in the 80's Boswell's work found a new means of expression on walls, in some ways the antithesis of more traditional Grafitti forms Boswell's work dwells in a twilight world, an edgier and atmospheric domain.  The eternal outsider Boswell pushes the boundaries of the art form creating fantastical and a sometimes unnerving universe of mutated possibilities.



Vj Ultra has been creating visual art and changing environments for over 15 years. This event suits him down to the ground. Vj Ultra will be collaborating with Los Mutartis and Tom Lynn using animation and lighting effects to add to the darkness. Also watch out for projections around the Kilver Court building. 

Thomas Lynn - Thomas Lynn’s recent series of acrylic paintings (2012) on canvas depict raw human energy and emotion.  They combine realistic graphic imagery with that of twisted and sometimes terrifying thoughts and feelings; nightmares against a backdrop of blue sky or neon pretend.  Bold and bright but with a lust for understanding the darkness within, Thomas Lynn rips off the charred remains of a former self, revealing the riled inner state.      

Will Clark
 - Underwater Photographer.  Will began underwater photography in 2008.  Most of his photographs are from the seas around Indonesia, and also from Egypt. He won the British Society of Underwater Photographers Award for Best Beginner in 2010, and has been sporadically picking up various awards since then.