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Anarchy at NO.50 High Street, Shepton Mallet.....Shepton Digital Arts Festival

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Back in 2010 the BBC set about turning back time for the shops of Shepton Mallet in their show 'The High Street'. By taking over empty shops in a neglected market square in the centre of Shepton, a group of modern shopkeepers and their families immersed themselves in Victorian life.

In 2012, the Shepton Digital Arts Festival (in its 4th year in Shepton) continue on the theme of time travel. This time however, they travel forward.

A group of anarchic artists are taking over NO.50 High Street from 7th November until the 10th as part of this year's forward thinking festival. 

The collaborative creative vision of Los Mutartis (famed graffiti artist), VJ Ultra and painter Tom Lynn pitted against the legendary Battle Of The Eyes who are Savage Pencil (aka renowned music critic Edwin Pouncey) and Chris Long will certainly give this sleepy Somerset town a rude awakening.

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