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National Charity - Film Club - Looking for Young Reviewers at Shepton Digital Arts Festival

November 3rd, 2012

Film Club - a national educational charity supported by Love Film, BAFTA and BFI - is asking its clubs in Somerset to come to Shepton Digi Fest and write reviews of the films that will be screened.

Film Club helps schools set up their own film clubs,encouraging young people not only to watch but discuss and review a diverse range of films in order to feed young people's imagination and nurture social and intellectual development.

Our young film reviewers will have their reviews selected by the festival team and judges and the winning reviews will be published on the festival website and presented to the production companies which have made the films.

The films the young reviewers have been asked to review include:

November 8th, from 7pm -  Icon Films/BBC Natural World Presents: JUNGLE GREMLINS OF JAVA 

Bristol's Icon Films are a leading independent production company producing award-winning work for broadcasters/channels from all over the world.  Icon's recent ICON/BBC Natural World Jungle Gremlins of Java sparked a major social media campaign against the pet trade in Lorises (the animal featured) and resulted in massively popular material that promoted them as cute pets being withdrawn from YouTube.

Attending the screening will be the Director, Steve Gooder, and Presenter, world renowned Professor of Primate Conservation Dr. Anna Nekaris, for a Q&A session.

See programme trailer.


November 7th, from 7pm - GRACE Productions Presents: MY BROTHER THE ISLAMIST followed by Q & A with the programme makers

In a film that took over twelve months to shoot, Director Robb Leech sets out to reconnect with his extremist stepbrother and find clues to what led Rich to become Salahuddin. It charts the brothers' relationship and Robb's attempt to understand why the person he'd once looked up to as a teenage role model could so strongly reject all that his family and the Western world believe in.

As Robb spends time with Salahuddin, he witnesses a very particular phenomenon - the embrace of radical Islamism by young men, many of them white. Grace Production will present a Q&A with the people involved in making the film and we shall find out what happened next!

For further information please contact us or Rico Lowson, from Film Club.