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Roll-over 3D - 360 degree cinema is set to turn heads

September 16th, 2011

Martin Woolner, Director ICCI Plymouth University, talking about the ICCI360



A 360 degree cinematic experience like no other, and a chance for artists to get their work in the Olympics, will be a showpiece at the Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival.

Audiences will be able to view totally immersive films in the cutting-edge ICCI 360 when it visits Shepton for the festival from 6th - 8th October.

And digital artists are invited to submit their work to be shown in the cinema as part of a major event at the Olympics 2012 in Weymouth.

ICCI 360 is a project that has been established to explore, develop and evaluate the concept of a touring immersive arena for events and exhibitions.

Olympic star

Traditionally used as a means of entertainment and storytelling with a visually compelling difference, ‘touring panoramas’ have been widely used to delight and enthral audiences with exotic and historic imagery. ICCI 360 brings this concept firmly into the 21st century.

The 9m arena coming to Shepton Digi Fest consists of a 9m diameter dome incorporating a 27m x 3m high immersive projection screen, cutting edge digital technology with surround sound and high resolution projection facilities to provide a fantastic immersive 360 panoramic digital experience for audiences of all ages.

 We are providing digital designers with the opportunity to create work specifically for the 360 arena.  These productions may be included in a major 360 event in Weymouth in 2012 during the Olympic and Paralympics Games.

ICCI operate the ICCI 360 Arena in partnership with Igloo vision ( ) who have developed the arena structure, media player and associated technologies.

There will be free workshops throughout the festival.  Advance booking essential.