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At the Edge of Everything - Review and Photography by Chloe Massey

Chloe is an 18 year old polymath with many awards and 
accolades already under her belt, including a regional photography award and a first prize at the 2011 Shepton Mallet Digital Arts festival for her photography work.  

Chloe is at ease both sides of the camera and has just taken a lead role in
Beatitudes.TV music promo production for Kscope records artists Anathema, which will be an international release.

Chloe's photography has gone from strength to strength and her live concert images captured for 'At The Edge of Everything' event as part of the London 2012 cultural Olympiad were widely acclaimed by Nordic Giants, Phoria and Cate Ferris' fanbases.

Here is Chloe's blog about the night: 

Inside the ICCI dome the 360 degree screen emits a colourful circumference of light against blackness, creating the effect of a carousel, pivoting in a borderless space.

Such an analogy is especially fitting when visuals of the universe accompany Cate Ferris’ soulful voice, the continuum of Phoria’s elevating sound and film and the cinematically epic performance of the Nordic Giants. 

The Beatitudes.TV produced: 'At the Edge of Everything’ kicks off with Phoria who immediately indulge the audience with another innovative performance, this time heightened by intricate visuals, created by Jeb Hardwick, a perfect match to the mesmerising sound of their music.

The visuals intensify from lacy flowers like cyanotype photogram’s to smoky forests of colour as their sound elevates. 

Next up is Cate Ferris, whose unassuming nature simply adds to the beautiful charm of her performance.

'Utterly intriguing' is how she described her experience of performing in the 360 space against the backdrop of  VJ created visuals.

“There was one particular point when I looked up and the whole world was moving across the ceiling - it was amazing” she continued. 

It's the first time I’ve seen Cate live, but her effortless manner and talent captivated everyone. As a solo project she combines an impressive array of instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

Cate tells me she “absolutely loves performing with all the instruments - it keeps the ideas fresh and hopefully keeps the music interesting and beautiful - but it also keeps me in a place where I am always pushing at the boundaries of my own capabilities which, for me is totally necessary”. 

To complete this paramount evening of art and music was the Nordic Giants, an authentic duo whose collaboration of cinematic story telling, costume, extravagant light, smoke machines and rich instrumentation creates an unforgettable theatrical performance. Which, if possible, was further heightened by the immersive space.

Dai of the Nordic’s found it the perfect place to perform to their short films “being completely surrounded by visuals was such a dark and haunting experience and I mean that in a good way!”.

The epic environment has even inspired them to create their own 360 experience called “The Electro Static Zoetrope”, based on a circular device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures, as part of the Brighton film festival in November. 

Cate Ferris' starry starry night 

Cate Ferris - across the Universe - singing with 360 visuals At the Edge of Everything

Phoria mesmerising with their 360 visuals created by Jeb Hardwick


Spectacular Nordic Giants with 360 surround film