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Meet the judges: Photographer Peter Netley 


Chasing Colour by Peter Netley

July 21st, 2011

New to the judge’s panel for 2011, is photographer, animator and creative designer Peter Netley.  Peter’s high-flying career has encompassed working in BBC Bristol’s Natural History Unit on their ground-breaking nature programmes throughout the 1980s.

Leaving the corporation in 1990, Peter co-founded award-winning television design agency 4.2.2 Videographics and has subsequently exhibited his work in a variety of prestigious locations – including London’s OXO Gallery.

He’s in no doubt about the importance of digital arts to the region:  “The South West has always been able to punch above its weight in the arts and there is no shortage of local talent with some excellent colleges turning out some exceptionally talented people.

“Having Bristol as one of the country’s foremost media cities has drawn in people who otherwise might have migrated to other parts of the country.

“It remains to be seen whether government cuts to the arts - and the fragmentation of broadcasting - has any lasting effect on the region. The challenge in the future may be to keep talent in the area.”

Peter says his own particular interest in digital arts is computer animation:

“As someone who worked heavily in this field from the very early days in the 1980s, I am still excited by the possibilities and potential of the medium 25 years on.

“But art is art, and I am really not concerned with how an image is made, it's irrelevant whether an image has been created digitally or by any other means, it's the image itself and the message that it conveys that counts.”

His advice to those hoping to work or just starting out in digital art is simple: “Don't be afraid to ask advice from those with more experience than you.

“I was given very little advice at the start of my own career, but I would say that it's important never to be afraid to admit that you don't know or understand something.

Never be afraid to fail at a task. Most employers appreciate people who ask questions, people with enthusiasm who volunteer to undertake difficult tasks, even if they fail the first time round.

“You will invariably be given a second chance if you are keen.”