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Want to be a digital reporter for @SheptonDigiFest during the ICCI360 performances at the Maritime Mix – London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea?

On August 9th, Beatitudes.TV and SheptonDigiFest is presenting "At the Edge of Everything" at the ICCI360 Arena in Weymouth during the Olympics.  We are looking for young talented digital reporters to join our media team, working alongside digital marketing agency Tickbox Marketing

"At the Edge of Everything" – an explosive mix up of film, live performance, music, art and animation, featuring some of the UK’s most exciting bands, artists and film makers: Nordic Giants, Phoria, official Olympic commissioned artist Day Bowman, Cate Ferris, film directors Smith and Foulkes and Aardman’s Bram Ttwheam.  The setting is the ICCI360 Arena - a truly amazing 360° panoramic and immersive experience.


"At the Edge of Everything" collaborations include animations of works (shown on billboards throughout Weymouth during the2012 Olympics) by Internationally acclaimed Artist Day Bowman, film by Aardman’s Bram Ttwheam, and animations from Nexus directors Smith.

The ICCI360 Arena offers a unique opportunity to present and celebrate a diverse range of creative and cultural activities, providing a dynamic high technology multimedia exhibition environment to bring together local communities, Olympic followers and Weymouth holiday makers.

We are looking for people to join our digital media team to cover the event.  You must be aged 18 to 24 and have your own transport and equipment - equipment can be anything from an Iphone to laptop or DV Camera.  The material generated will be exhibited during this year's @SheptonDigiFest festival (Nov 7 - 10).

Please e-mail, telling us your name, age, experience and how you would approach this assignment.  For advance tickets and further booking info: