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Skills2Film Camera Craft Workshop with Jeremy Humphries

Thursday 8th Nov, 2pm to 2.50pm & 3pm to 3.50pm @ Kilver Court
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"Awestruck? A bit nervous when you open that camera bag or are told that tomorrow you might be shooting? Don’t worry we have all been there. Ok, it was a few years ago with me but let me tell you how I got around it.

Training – every day at the BBC I was learning, watching others do it, having a go myself, always learning. On this workshop we will lead you through the beginnings of shooting, the gear and basic techniques. We will de-mystify and explain, give you the confidence."

Jeremy Humphries

Topics include:

 • Life on the road - your part of a team.

Getting you started; an introduction to a camera.

Setting up your viewfinder, from bars to zebras.

Timecode - what is it actually for?

The lens: What is it? How does it work? What is an f stop?

Basic lens operation - changing exposure and focus.

Depth of Field - basics explained.

Light: how to use and control it. What is mixed light?

Colour temperature explained.

Getting to know and work with contributors.

Logistics; rushes, downloading, battery charging.

Posture and holding the camera correctly.

Shooting a basic dialogue scene.

Holding a shot long enough, panning smoothly.

How to shoot buildings and landscapes.

Basic handholding technique. Walking backwards!

Your questions answered…….

Founded by Jeremy Humphries, an award-winning Director of Photography and BBC trained cameraman with over 26 years’ experience in the field, Skills2Film training brings you the rare opportunity to have your questions answered by leading broadcasting professionals.

As a DoP Jeremy Humphries has worked on a huge and eclectic profile of productions throughout his career. From observational to drama documentary and from high definition to film, Jeremy has shot globally on countless series and productions for BBC Television, Channel 4, ITV, Discovery, WGBH, National Geographic and a multitude of independent production companies in the UK and abroad.